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List of events named massacres List of massacres at sea.

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Massacres Massacres by country Massacres by year. Attacks , conflicts and mass murder by year. Armed conflicts by time Armed attacks by year Massacres by year Mass murder by year Terrorism by year Ongoing armed conflicts in world maps. Retrieved from " https: Lists of terrorist incidents Lists of attacks Terrorist incidents Terrorism-related lists.

Julian—Gregorian uncertainty CS1 maint: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 12 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Terrorist groups Designated terrorist groups Charities accused of ties to terrorism. Adherents Violent non-state actors. Response to terrorism Counter-terrorism International conventions Anti-terrorism legislation Terrorism insurance.

A group of English Catholics led by Robert Catesby plotted to bomb the House of Lords in order to kill King James I , with the goal of installing his nine-year-old daughter Princess Elizabeth as the Catholic head of state. The explosives beneath the House of Lords were discovered a day before their planned detonation, and the conspirators were either killed in a battle at Holbeche House or executed for treason.

Giuseppe Marco Fieschi used a volley gun to attack the royal entourage of King Louis-Philippe of France during the annual review of the National Guard as part of a revolutionary plot. Fieschi was badly injured when four of the weapon's barrels exploded and was captured soon after. Assassination , shooting, stabbing. Seward , but Seward's attacker failed to kill him and Johnson's lost his nerve. Booth was killed after a day manhunt, and several of his co-conspirators were later arrested and executed. John Wilkes Booth and co-conspirators.

Attempted assassination of General Mikhail Loris-Melikov.

A peaceful rally in Haymarket, Chicago, Illinois, was disrupted when a bomb was detonated as police were dispersing the public demonstration. Alexander Berkman , a Russian expatriate, attempted to assassinate Henry Clay Frick , an American industrialist, financier, and art patron, in Pittsburgh. Berkman was arrested and Frick survived. Berkman claims inspiration from the Haymarket Affair.

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Constantinople , Ottoman Empire. Occupation of the Ottoman Bank by Armenian separatists. A resulting anti-Armenian pogrom killed around 6, individuals. Thessaloniki , Ottoman Empire. Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli. His coach driver Andrei Rudinkin was also killed. Aptekarsky Island , Russia.

Union of Socialists Revolutionaries Maximalists. Night between 11 and 12 July: Bombing of the boat Amalthea where British strikebreakers lived by Anton Nilsson One was killed and 23 wounded. Los Angeles , United States.

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Los Angeles Times bombing killed 21 people and wounded over others. Protest campaign by militant suffragettes campaigning for women's right to vote, including acts of disruption and violence aimed at property. Women's Social and Political Union. San Francisco , United States.

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During the parade, a suitcase bomb was detonated, killing ten and wounding forty. Jersey City , United States. Black Tom explosion was a planned detonation of Allied munitions at Black Tom Island by Imperial German Agents that killed four and injured hundreds, as well as causing millions of dollars in damages.

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In his comprehensive commentary on the anti-terrorism legislation, Professor Clive Walker of the University of Leeds comments:. The Terrorism Act represents a worthwhile attempt to fulfil the role of a modern code against terrorism, though it fails to meet the desired standards in all respects. There are aspects where rights are probably breached, and its mechanisms to ensure democratic accountability and constitutionalism are even more deficient, as discussed in the section on "Scrutiny" earlier in this chapter.

It is also a sobering thought, proffered by the Home Affairs Committee, that the result is that "This country has more anti-terrorist legislation on its statute books than almost any other developed democracy. But at least that result initially flowed from a solemnly studied and carefully constructed legislative exercise. Since the s, an Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation has reviewed the operation of the UK's principal anti-terrorism laws, reporting to the Home Secretary and to Parliament.

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