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In she also created her most famous work of art. Reaping the rewards of her newfound fame, Oppenheim had her first solo exhibition in at Galerie Marguerite Schulthess in Basel. In Oppenheim returned to Basel and enrolled in vocational school for two years to study art conservation and restoration , skills she planned to use to earn a living.

Overwhelmed by the sensation caused by Object , Oppenheim retreated from the Surrealists. Also frustrated and fearful of the constraints that her early success would put on her developing artistic career, she sank into a deep depression and creative crisis that lasted nearly two decades. During that period she also began writing and branching out into other forms of creative production.

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In she created a performance piece for a group of close friends in Bern: Though she did participate, she was not pleased when her work was criticized for objectifying women, as her intention had been to reflect the spring abundance offered from Mother Earth. She never exhibited with the Surrealists again. In Oppenheim was recognized with a large retrospective in Stockholm. Her work was further revived in the s by feminist scholars seeking to reintroduce to art history forgotten women artists.

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Over the course of her life, Oppenheim created jewelry, sculpture , paintings, furniture, performance art , and poetry. She also designed several public and private fountains in her later years. Exhibitions in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, including retrospectives in New York City ; Guggenheim Museum , Bern ; Kunstmuseum , and Berlin ; Martin-Gropius-Bau , portrayed her not as the Surrealist one-hit wonder that she had become in the s but as a multifaceted artist with a varied and inspired body of work.

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You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Suffused with humor, eroticism, and menacing darkness, her work reflected her critical explorations of female sexuality, identity, and exploitation. Oppenheim became known for her assemblages , sculptural works in which she brought everyday, often domestic, items into disturbing and humorous juxtaposition.

For the Surrealists, such objects served to crack the veneer of civilized society, revealing the sexual, psychological, and emotional drives burning just beneath the surface. It began with a joke over lunch. In doing so, she transformed items traditionally associated with decorum and feminine refinement into a confounding Surrealist sculpture.

While Oppenheim was not the only artist bringing everyday things into unlikely alliance in the s, her fur-covered teacup is considered to be among the quintessential Surrealist objects.

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The fur may remind viewers of wild animals and nature, while the teacup could suggest manners and civilization. With its pelt, the teacup becomes soft, rounded, and highly tactile. It seems attractive to the touch, if not, on the other hand, to the taste: Imagine drinking from it, and the physical sensation of wet fur filling the mouth. On 22 March , he made his debut with the Italy U21 team, playing as starter in a friendly match against Norway.

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