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But officials be liable for a minimum business so far tWs month penalty. By May 31, 67, vrivicles bad passed through the inspection station. Mayor Stephen said the board didn't feel that it could take the, gamble on the weather and the arrival of tlie steel pine.

Sen also Page S4. Ibe two pensirmers taking the trip are Mr. Byren Johnaon, who have often protested government treatment of the elderly and veterans. They started a ennununity meals service in Sooke, where lunche Hi8 are provided twice a week at nominal cost. VMD- fabricated steel pipe would be accepted when it was com- was pleted. It is being attended by used simply to woo one bnght. Ki I'mtejvuniverslty self-government' Other featured speakers Mon- will attain effective coordina-' day and today are Dr. Norman Mac- I Kenzie predicted that unless B. C campuses coordinate their j efforts.

The minimum you I will get in B. Anderson was asked by Dr I! Anderson; "You have to show us that I there is decent utilizatian of your resources. On die question of the public health area of Elk Lake, from which Saanich peninsula gets its'water supply, he said hi. Only about 15 persons atlend-. He offered ed that those who abide by Ihe the help ot his assoriation in regulations police those who any way don't. William Noel, who is chairman of the parks and oul- donr recreation committee, said that skiers policing their own artivides on Elk Lake had borne fruit tliis year- Grant Fenwick, who is direc- support ot the permit system.

Mayor Curtis said the changes to the regulations would be completed in a few weeks. The matter was , tabled for further discussion with the mimicipality's solicitor. She waa benn July Italy, The Omgo, in Cuvilly, France. She fled France for Belgium and founded the now order. She died April 8, It was the first canonization since the Vatican issued a new calendar of saints in May. SLster Billiart was canonized in St. Peter's Basilica before tens of thousands of nuns and others in a new, simplified ritual. OOO as In past canonizations.

Miss von Cleef, whom police charged flew to cities across the country to cater to deviates by appointment, was jailed 18 months and fihed 81, Beard was fined SSOO. Rose said she and her husband were married during the Second World War. When Rose got out of the army he went into the real estate business, while.

The business prospered but the marriage failed. The Netherlands, and the Si. WeM Germany, also regard her as their founder. Mac is no kid past 30 , so keep this in mind when you answer. We had dinner in a first class steak house Tuesday night. There was no checkroom, but the men hung their coats on hooks in the entrance way.

Mac left his coat there. I was shocked and scmi-4ncapacitatBt said so. Irish civU rightii activist who becaffne Britain's youngest MP in 50 years when she won an April byelectkm, says riie will not seek re-election.. In the meantime, the joint owes me a coat. It's stealing, no matter what the lationafiza- tion. Mae is as big a thief as the bum who stole his coat and you can tell him I said so. A young bride-nv l e just left my home.

She was in tears. Can you come up with a solution to this agonizing dilemma? How does the bride-t'vbe feel about her father? How does she feel about her stepfather? The selection should he based solely on sentiment. If she wants her blood father to give her away she slvniid be willing to forego the lavish affair and settle for a simple ceremony — whatever he can afford. If the girl feels cloaer to her stepfather, he should have the honor. Her blood father should be an invited guest and he can accept or reject the invitation, as he chooses.

Why do left-handed people wear oz. Reg, Price RBo Comp. Ijtrge Bottle Cfi iiip. Price 59c Care for a teeny Martooni? In Smoke, Amber or Aqua. Set There are good times ahead, and you'll need more pretty glasses. Set of 8 glasses in any. Price SSc Porphyry Pearl tba! Porphyry Pearl is amaziogly lihe champagne. Imported from the vineyards of Australia, this is fine light wine you can serve with ptrde and confidence. For an occasion such as toasting the bride. Or simply a privale toast at home. Because Porphyry Pearl is pure wins Porphyry Pearl creates its own babbles - all by iiteif.

AhI aenre It la a cha mpagno glaiil No. Hillside Shopping Centre Open Thurii. Muriel Milien and Edith M. As I before my things were in a travel-weiuy state so I decided to get the board and give everything the once over. So I rang for the maid. It took a few minutes for tiiat to sink in.


The long way around. In Glasgow 1 had to have the inevitable little black suit pressed for a dinner date that evening. Ireland that I hardly know where to start It was all so fabulcHls. Looking back it seems just a little unreal.

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Ate jun ihw dan. As a very casual enormous ironing board, built to last a life time, and an iron The next momang I asked that looked aa if it could press the maid again. TWs time the most resistant wrrinkles. Reluming to Dublin from a tour of the South and West coasts and central part of the country I found my clothes in a decidedly rumpled state. House in London grows a little longer each week. Perkins, Miss Jennifer Young, Mr. Miss Ronanne McCon- naciae, Mr. It was like being ]i.

The bathers scattered like field NAME I blew into it and everything went black. After eight expanses of air my tongue began to swell. Later, as I hovered near unconsciousness, I drew my last breath and secured the valve. That's what my Mother does. It was like working a gin mill during prohibition. Stevie is throwing water in my face. Three leenone per week for three weeks. July 8rd—Tine, ud Tlan. We board the Black Ball Ferry Mv. Coho for the After our lunch break we leave the coastal area and drive to Hurricane Ridge in the heart irf the ever scenic Olympic Mountains.

After our relaxed sightseeing in the beauteous area we drive back to Port Angeles in time to board the 4: Complexion Beauty The secret of beautifying the complexite is said to lie in the saturation of the skin with a new type of tropical moist oil. Piche, with a group of supporters, started to set up the teepee in the eftemoon to protest housing discrimhiation in Edmonton, said Owen Anderson, assistant to the premter's office. Piche were to erect the teepw at noon, today and would be allowed to live there until July 4, said Anderscxi.

Like power brakes, power steering, maybe air conditioning. Or you can simply pocket the difference. Your Pontiac dealer is stocked for Your Pontiac dealer is giving the kind of deals that come along only once in a summertime.

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Piche, who are Indian, and eight delegates chosen by the group to a meeting to discuss their request to live in tha teepee, said Anderson. People on welfare and people with families. Recommended by the leading relrigerator manufactuters.

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  • There is no bint of a smite. Ufe Is good, he agrees, passing quickly over the scar on his left arm "That's where the lion's claw went in and caught" and the one on the back of his right hand which leads up to that place wdiere the Out front it is all oandy floss, hotdogs, c h i 1 d r en screaming with excitement, tiring parents.

    Those out front and thofee behind die scenes are conscious of one another, but as close years, learned all there was to leam. But like Big Joe. But there are still two great natural ways to beat the heat in a hurry. And the other's Old Style Beer. And still rnakinj quite a splash with men who care about their beer. More than 15, square dancers are expected at the oonvflition in Seattle's Civic Centre, frem Canada, the U.

    Puerto Rico and AustraUa. The Vancouver Island Square! A traol-end square dance will be held at 9 p. Monday in Esquimau junior high school I auditorium. Many years of research and laboratory testing have gone into the development of what we feel is the world's finest portable dishwasher. We want to keep it that way so research and development go on. Your opinions, suggestions and criticisms are essential elements of this research because you are the people we have to satisfy.

    When the test period is completed, we will pick up the machine. I am interested in participating in the consumer surv'ey of the Maytag portable dishwasher. At the end of the test period. I will complete a brief questionnaire mailed to me from The Maytag Company. When you talk about the future, Joe shrugs. Hartman together as they are at thisi moment, their two worlds never, really come together. Not because he is Not because he is out of shape. It is the cats. He has just come ogt of he animaj cage after a lovely m nute session.

    When Beatty became ill in Joe took over the act. After the master's death he took the animals to Jungle Land in Olifomia and trained them for use in movies. So I kept belting her over the head with the chair I had in the other hand until she let go. Big Joe fell upon the animal I act business by accident when he wandered away as a youth from his native St.

    The team had set out from Point Barrow. The team consisted of leader and veteran explorer Wally Hubert, Supplies for the expedition: I Navy men arrived on lonely Adak. Pianists were, as usual, greatly in the majority. With the 10 pianists were two celUsts, tour swgers. And a apeent tip of the hat to Robin WoodJ He must have, among other fcnpnr ta nt tfwre. He never Innged ft once. Sonto frf the performers overi the pest three weeks have been better than others, naturally, but cne hesitates to differentiate at all keerdy because smne of the musical ftowers have not had time to bloom.

    Cwnpany tjurrently is on tour across country but has no plans to visit Victoria. Premier Bertrand, resting after his victory over Education Minister J e a n -G u y Cardinal, was not available for comment. QUEBEC CP — lliirty- three persons arrested Saturday in the wake of violence near the grounds of the Union Nationale leadership convention pleaded not guilty Monday to chargee of disruptive activities.

    Overloading, with the troops and 30 vehicles involved, was suspected as the source of trouble. Railway officials described the lack of an accident a "miracle. Residents notified the lirw of the runaway rail car but it was able to make West Sum- mcrland prior to being halted. Before dying of injuries, the engineer of the train said he saw someone standing on the tracks momentB before the disaster. Bagh- dad radio Sunday had reported that a troopship had sunk in the Persian Gulf and that bodies were recovered after two days of searching.

    His wife and teen-aged daughter were with him. The hijacker and his family, issued tickets under the names of "Mr. Evans expected the Australian carrier Melbourne to turn the other way before they collided June 3, a U. Appearing before a six-man U. Stephen Kraus, 22, of Pomona, Calif. Why did they have to turn that way? He said he was not sure which one. Hopsem has testified before the panel but Ramsey has refused emsti- tutional grounds. Kraus said the ofiicer who made the statement did not refer to the Melbourne by name, but he assumed the speaker was referring to the Australian carrlCT.

    But he did not specificaliy mention the controversial issue of celibacy. The Pope said he welcomed talks by the U. He said he hopes an honest and lasting settlement can be reached. Customer Convenience Banking Hours!

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    Monday to Thursday 10 a. Branch, Fort St. Branch Government St. Douglas Branch Saanich Rd. Busi- aeu Office, 0: Monday W Friday inclasive. Miinday U Satunlay In- cluaive. Conirart ritee on application. Above ralea apply to B C only. BI Heat Inearium and S2. Canada, S 39 per munlh; l. Moil lubaeripiHini art payabla m advante AullwiiKd at aecond claif mall. Poll Uliica Depaiimcni Ottawa. Rupers Like Cowlchan.

    Office and teiepnvuie h. Monday lo Friday, tneluaive. Sincere thanks lo Dr. H Forgie and MaK-rnlly Suff. L Pravoat and Hoaplui Slaff. C at Ihe Koval. Luiy James, d lbs.. Survived by two nieces in Eiii ,nn,l. IMA si 10;M a. Flowora cratafully at-- lined. Survived hy a ain, Charles E.. Reginald C Passmore, in England. Supeivised parking adjoining the charri. England, and had resided in VMorla for Ihe past 30 years. He was a veteran uf boln World Wars and tvai a member of the Black Watch.

    Ethel Amy, al home: Iiiseph'i HoaiNtAl on June Survived by 3 sisters, Mrs. He wu a vateru of the Firit Woild Wa r.

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    Inler- ment in Royal Ciak Buiial Park. C He la MiDived hv -me iJ. Carlin, both of Victoria; also ihroe sisters. Harry and Claude, and three grnnd. Flowers grate- hjlly deelinedl. M—In Viclorin on June Vancouver, Bug aad UergH of. Carll of VKtorta and Cordon rf Van tsiuver. A dauthler, MlMrad, pre- deceased him April R Funeral seis'ire will he held In -McCall Bros. Hlnsrh- his malanisl rani1r. Jim Ryan uf Vtctie-ia; hii Mtontal grajblm liiar. I iimsch of Vtci'. Uly Ward, age 9. Survived by her daughter,' Mrs. StrviDes and eTansallas will to held lo Vaneuuvar.

    Mr and Mrs R. Margarel and Martin Xllch. IMI There la no pariing from those we love, No 4ia: F'vr each day in memory's garden We si. Wherever lifit miy take us. Whatever we msy do. TTie memo y of the veari we sfisrtJ W,ll beep us close lo you. Eileen, Joan, and iheir famillei. One Free Game oIM. Hutch at between 3 and 4 p. S riF all hewiing. W iXInxl Kuw- amllS. O A iGwenrihi Healh, Montreal.

    Acreage for saie and Wanted. LW Aulu tkioy and I'ainting. Insurance liu Banda Muiioans and uicnciiraa dJ Bicyclee.. I tkjati and Manna eU rtuiiding. UO Care and Trutka Wanted. ISI Duplexes to Rem. I Dancing 41 Deaths.

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    Funerals and Luidsa Nutices. I4i Farms fur Sale and Wanted Ul HuuscKeeping Ruoma 10 Rent Ul Kuuees lu Rent Furnished X Pell and Sunnlles SI Sporting Goods Radio Rales and Service.. Bsiides his paran's he leaves hh piterrixi grand- moiher, Mrs. Victoria lor ihe past 42 vuis' Isle residence, dulte S, gpl Court- nvy Strccl. Survived bv his ion.

    Hairy, Lkiwnty Road, 8idMv. June 31 , at 1: William ttoblaaon pT- lar. JuiM SOlh i at ' M n. S per monCh rlilns VJ. Reward X4 alter 6: BROWN, 1- vearsild cal. L Here 11 a fantasllc new sareer upcoriunlty that nn aaaUy double and treble L. SH Free edimato, In Ihe home carpel pry. Cumidole garden In iiaymenl. Belter lhan average rcnsojlellne Bnecial summer nriees. Ra asanaOie ra le a 3Sl-7giJ noughi. Nauci cleaned nui Wheel camiwlng i. Survivod by hit loving wile, Lyal, at home: Bhe IS survived by her huebend. Dr Malcolm Taylur Dmently.

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    June 26, at 1: B0 pm Masonic Auapfees. All Upfi Canadi Group. X wale, aewer. Ciuieway tn Jewellery More. Per- to elderly lady part-time. SM JH with y. No varalimung family ai ailtar. No toh too small. Come and get them. M Peonle In Cmintei Art l. Penny and Pali Movie 4: Petrol Mmif Bob tercoran tt: Unlvenlly - - N or Phipps Road Open Mon. The above grade la No. No trtfieri Strictly confidential.

    Victorii Pres Box Steady job, own car would like to meet Duldi lady nil over S'5. Fond of outdoors, also Protestant. Victoria Press Box Thera la a placa in the Orange Assoc. Pe bwidle cavers 30 sq. Per bundle—covers 50 tq. Pe bundle—covers 83 l-d sq. May fau- 2 nd Ooor. Delivered and tuned after delivery. FBS Convenient credit tenns Woodwards. C curriculum followed to University entrance. Monday Through Fnday; B. CAN- ada'i leading school National Coi- lege.

    Private tutoring, all gr ades, atewrdally alow readers. With or without aperaior. Machines also equipped urlth scoops. Johnson 75 h p electric with ranvertihle ifig , aieepee seats. MAHA cr Sport. MAHA re Sport. Villey Farm s -ttft3, 47B-2S 9d. In the home service. IbioAO Tbra, after 9 p. M C hp. Express Mercrulicr I. TTie btiard announced recently it will drop its ben on TV Ikjuor ads and will take similar action to aAow Uwr and wine cotnmerdalB before 8 p.

    Ben Alexander ptayed sidekick Frank Smith in the oM days, the reruivfihow name was Badge and foe production company name is Mark Vn. One day that guy's goma hit his hand. Name ' the bar- Itender in that song. And in a famous blues song, why is it that "I'm goma ntove way out to he outskirts n town?

    Sldnei flawing, Ratovating and Cultivating 12 ft. BRUSH and graaa cut, luel hulei, etc. Pie Itelephone X17 after 5: Clean in excellent enndilion, reduced tor quirk aale Un- uxed Chryiler Klert. Reach for the Top final—2. Tuesday Movies 'laM a. And foey call this the best of HoHyiwoDd As in many tateiy, turn down foe sound and watch Mitzi Gaynor— Want to lie an actor? Watch lain and tki cverytWng exactiy the opposite—7. Also known as It Takes a Thief— Sav i-ne and 4X. Augtui and September on the Padfle Pearl, a 36 6 " lierth motor cruiaer, radio telephone, tii-hvcu-I B llcy, aonar, elertrie hiwttng.

    Double lierth ir cabin,. Phone after 5, bike. B r or phone Prirwd tor quirk tale lafler fe. Cru- aader, only houn F. Inboard, reverilhle Merrury elertrie. AS and diesel engines It. L O shaft, 7 h. Use gasoline wRhout oil mix, and save operating dollars. Quick clips Track sprint runner, close on Quick clips Track sprint runner, close on Baseball mit, runner slides into base, track and field runner legs, setting sun KG Kiger 1 stock footage. Reelin' In The Years. CU runner's feet on the treadmill in a gym.

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